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Jiaxing Zein Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd(ZEIN). was established in June, 2011. Be absorbed in developing, manufacturing and selling of micro Speaker & Receiver etc.

Jiaxing Zein Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd(ZEIN) has become a leading supplier in receiver and micro acoustic industry, and it has a series of micro products with independent research and development and independent intellectual property rights. Jiaxing Zein Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd(ZEIN)  electronic has been committed to technological innovation during 9 years since establishment. It achieved a leap in efficiency and quality benefit from completing the technological leap from the first generation production process based on manual operation to the third generation process characterized by tooling flexible automatic production mode.

Jiaxing Zein Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd(ZEIN) established strategic cooperative relations with Siemens, Gigaset, NEC, Avaya, Cisco, FOXCONN etc., and its products are extensively used in personal computer, cordless phones, smart phones, smart home, tablets and other consumer electronics products.

In the 5G and artificial Intelligence and Interconnection era would always regard to build itself as a first-class micro-electro acoustic enterprise with international competitiveness as a strategic objective. Our value , Your trust!


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